“Would you plant an English-only church in the middle of Venezuela?” 

The answer, simply, is no. Why then would we plant segregated foreign-language churches in the United States? Instead, we can instead grow our churches by reaching out in Christ to unite and evangelize our local communities!

Our mission is to enable our existing BBF churches to open a Gateway for non-English speaking people groups to become a part of the local BBF church. Our purpose is to develop and support ministries that assimilate multi-ethnic populations of the United States into existing BBF churches, thereby increasing evangelistic outreach while strengthening and growing the existing church.

“If your church is not bi-lingual in less than ten years it will be extinct.”Russell Johnson

Goal:  Church Growth by Assimilation Not Segregation.

Segregation is neither biblical nor viable. Our established churches need to form gateways to the cultures that have come to America to assimilate them into the Body of Christ as well as our culture.

We desire to evangelize and acculturate the non-English-speaking and multi-ethnic populations by empowering the local BBF church and senior pastor to establish dynamic, passionate, and effective ministries within the core church. The goal is to mainstream and retain all ethnic generations into a unified fellowship within the core church.

All ministry is to be under the control of the existing local church and pastor. Our purpose is to be the pastor’s right arm in evangelizing the growing, local mission field that has come to him and his congregation.